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Bullish Builders
beyond borders.

Composable’s ambitious vision is brought to life by a mosaic of builders, gigabrains, makers, and creatives that work across the board to revolutionize DeFi. We are made up of a diverse team of cryptographers, designers, developers, engineers, marketeers, and growth specialists located all over the world to ensure that a new wave of user experience is accessible and mainstream. For that reason diversity is not a tick box process for us, but the reason we have been able to pioneer such robust solutions and take interoperability to the next level.

What we stand for

With autonomy comes responsiblity

At Composable, we respect every team member’s freedom and flexibility. We work in an environment which is performance driven and that's why self accountability is important. We believe in being open and honest, but also ensuring each team member is set up for success. Collaboration goes hand in hand with self-accountability, as a team we believe that an individual win is a collective win for the team we work with.

Diversity with integrity

For us at Composable, diversity is about respecting all individuals and teams that work across the organization, pulling together their own experiences, contexts and talents. We promote cross-department feedback, and believe everyone’s unique perspective helps us future proof our innovation to be truly inclusive and accessible. We believe part of being a diverse team means maintaining high integrity, which means to always be open, respectful, and supportive.

The composable impact

Part of developing new ideas to shape the future means being cognisant of the global context that we work in. At Composable, we think about how solutions shape and impact different cultures around the world, and how we can become a force for good, bringing blockchain values as a source of empowerment and financial freedom. For that to take place our team believes you must care deeply for the collective impact Composable is bringing and how we can be a force for good in the world.

What we Offer

Work from anywhere & impact everywhere

Innovate the future with our flexible schedule and location policy. We promote true autonomous working, and the team is on hand to support your schedule.

Level up your nomad station

Annual budgets to build your workpad or your nomad set-up and upgrade your space to feel comfortable while doing your job.

Growth Opportunities & Personal Development Budget:

We encourage individual team members to constantly learn and grow in order to uplift the entire team. Whatever you think will benefit you, we will support you!

Paid Time Off & Wellness Perks:

It’s important to recharge and switch off, that’s why we offer competitive paid holiday leave and national holidays allowance. Your wellness is priority, so monthly perks for you to use for gym, wellbeing and fun. You decide where it’s needed for you!

Hear from the team

"Working at Composable is pretty awesome. On a daily basis I get to interact with gigabrain colleagues building cutting edge technology, and communicate this work to builders, protocols & partners across various ecosystems who share our vision of an interoperable, cross-chain world. I'm excited to be part of this journey"

Ahmad Wehbi

Head of Growth

-”Working at Composable is like working at Nato.. we have been given the mission, opportunity and platform to work with like minded protocols to unify the the entire defi space and blockchains. Within Product Delivery we work with all cross functional areas from transpiring our CEO and founder visions to a product line, working with our gigabrain devs, to marketing for launching the product (any many more in between), with each phase more bullish than the next as we delivering our mission.“

Rob Zhuang

Head of Product Delivery

Working at Composable is exciting, dynamic and challenging at the same time. I enjoy Composable's grand vision, and the fact that there's a strong ethos for shipping products.People are very passionate about crypto in general. We often discuss what the world could look like in the future, and also about what's going on in DeFi. Above all, Composable's culture is one of the best elements that makes me be part of the team. Everybody is encouraged to come with innovative ideas, and we're building systems and services that will shape blockchain's landscape. We love to have fun while working hard.

Blas Rodriguez

Bridging Lead

In Composable Finance we are building the future for blockchain. Such an innovation is carried by the most talented people all around the world, driven by our mission of bringing interoperability on high product standards and user experience focus.

Composable culture is the key enabler for this, being the perfect setting for high performance and happy teams. Most outstanding culture points (but not limited) are the attention to a clear, effective and sincere communication and structure, an independent, work-life balance culture, and a trusted, respectful connection with everyone.

Sofi de Proenca

Product Owner

Open roles

Full-time position



ZK Cryptographer

Composable Finance is seeking a ZK Cryptographer / Rust Developer to join us at the forefront of Crypto, building robust cross-chain & cross-layer infrastructure to allow the future of DeFi where almost any asset or contract can seamlessly interoperate.

Ambassador Program

Our ethos is innovation through collaboration. Hence we consider the ambassador program a golden opportunity for the Composable team and community to join forces and synergize for the greater good. This initiative will help build an impact-driven cadre of DeFi experts and passionate users who contribute to the Composable ecosystem.

Ambassadors will support the Composable team and community in various roles — working with our product suite and reaching out to the community. In return, ambassadors will gain valuable experience, networking opportunities, and access to our rewards system.


Stay up to date on all the Composable news, updates and join our community as we discuss, craft and build the interoperable infrastructure to bring DeFi to the masses.

Explore how we are approaching the barriers of entry to DeFi and how we are tackling them.


Composable is looking to extend our reach by working with blockchain initiatives on university campuses and other educational organizations across the world. Our goal with this outreach program is to open up the discourse on blockchain interoperability and provide more context and curriculum regarding cross-chain technology to a wider audience. Reach out to learn more about our Outreach Program and how you can get involved!