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Cross-ecosystem trustless transfers, try it now!

Pioneering innovative Web3 user experiences in a trustless, non-custodial, and decentralized manner.


We enable developers to create cross-chain applications from modules that execute functions asynchronously.


We enable developers to create cross-chain applications from modules that execute functions asynchronously.

Trustless communication.

We are building the first cross-ecosystem implementation of IBC, enabling trustless bridging between ecosystems that are fragmented or only connected through trusted solutions.


We abstract the complex user and developer experience (UX | DX) of siloed DeFi primitives for seamless cross-chain functionality.

Our core elements.

Our infrastructure enables applications and their functions to be modular, allowing different subsets of DeFi to be linked. Consequently, the industry becomes seamlessly innovative, secure, and accessible for all.

Composable VM


Users should be able to specify what they want to achieve, without worrying about how to achieve it. CVM allows users to execute intents on multiple chains through a single interface.

Composable IBC


Centralized third parties have been operating bridges that have resulted in 20B+ USD in losses. The Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) fixes this. Composable is the first to extend IBC to other ecosystems.

Composable Research.

Composable Research is our deep-tech cryptography wing that tackles difficult long term problems in the market. Our team of highly credentialed engineers contribute to research, blockchain theory, and academic publications across diverse technical domains that advance Web3.

Build with Composable

Composable Labs

Composable Labs builds unique DeFi pallets written in modular code that other developers and pallets can leverage.


Composable provides grants and technical assistance to projects that use our technology, emphasizing those that provide essential functionality or are extremely innovative. Our team is interested in working with you, regardless of whether you have an idea or a fully formed project.

Susannah Evans

IBC Product Lead, Interchain Foundation

'Composable effectively doubled the market size of the IBC Network with their connection between Cosmos and the Polkadot ecosystem - the first IBC connection to a blockchain not architected using CometBFT and the Cosmos SDK. They have been instrumental in their contribution to expand the reach of IBC and move the needle towards the long term IBC vision of seamless, trust minimised interoperability between heterogeneous blockchains.'

Patrick Bush

Senior Investment Analyst, Digital Assets at Van Eck

'Composable has tremendous potential due to a top notch team that accomplishes impressive technical features, utilizes the most trustless bridge design, and boasts high-utility, integrated applications.'