The Next Frontier.

Build your decentralized applications irrespective of their underlying L2 scaling layer or L1 blockchain.

composable finance

An Ethereum cross-L2 communication SDK for a multi-L2 future.

Build EVM-compatible applications that communicate natively, in a composed manner.

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picasso network

An experimental ecosystem to birth new financial primitives.

Picasso network
mosaic l2-l2 bridge ethereum layer 2

Our Layer 2 - Layer 2 Bridge.

Mosaic bridge

Composable primitives for the multi-chain and cross-layer future.

Infrastructure for the next frontier of DeFi and Web3.


A novel cross-chain financing mechanism.

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Composable’s cross-ecosystem value-accrual mechanism.

apollo oracle

An MEV-resistant oracle to unlock primaries and secondaries.

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cubic vaults

The standard for vaults in substrate-based DeFi.

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