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Execute transactions across major ecosystems

Seamlessly execute cross-chain transactions across Kusama, Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum and the various chains that are housed within these ecosystems. Harness the power of secure interoperability brought to you by Composable.

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Composable's tech stack not only facilitates smooth, secure cross-ecosystem interoperability but also stays true to the core principles and foundations of web3. We're not in the business of building more bridges; instead, we're replacing vulnerable infrastructures to securely unite ecosystems through the power of the IBC protocol, ultimately enabling dApps to transcend ecosystem silos.

Cross-chain transfers & Solana Restaking

Picasso Protocol

Picasso L1 Protocol enables secure asset transfers and multi-asset restaking through cross-chain Inter-Blockchain-Communication (IBC).

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I want to send ETH to Cosmos

I want to send ETH to Cosmos

I want to send ETH to Cosmos

I want to send ETH to Cosmos

Cross-chain exectuion

MANTIS Protocol

Composable's MANTIS - Multichain Agnostic Normalized Trust-Minimized Intent Settlement - empowers users to seamlessly define and execute their intents across any blockchain, abstracting the complexities, all while harnessing the security of the IBC protocol.The endgame: secure interoperability meets chain-agnostic execution


Chain-agnostic dApps

Composable VM

With the Composable Virtual Machine (LVM), developers can execute intricate cross-chain operations in a single, user-signed transaction. LVM liberates you from the limitations of a single blockchain ecosystem. It's a diverse toolkit and interface for chain-agnostic execution of user intentions, ensuring versatility and freedom.

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Cross-ecosystem AMM

Pablo DEX

Pablo is the first non-custodial cross-ecosystem DEX leveraging exclusively trust-minimized infrastructure - unifying liquidity across major DeFi ecosystems. Your assets, your journey.

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