Any money, any chain, anywhere.

The complete infrastructure for cross-chain smart contracts, applications, and modular functionality.

Core Features

The Cross-Chain
Virtual Machine (XCVM)

XCVM functions as a  system of cross-chain smart contracts with a single, developer-friendly interface designed to usher in applications that can interact with the chains connected to our ecosystem.

XCVM merges smart contracting and trustless communication to bring about composability

Founder & CEO

The Problem with Cross-Chain SDKs

Limited to 2 chains at a time

Lack of orchestration

Mostly limited to the EVM context

Built on trusted infrastructure

Provide finality across multi-instruction function calling

Initiate call-backs into any execution environment (EVM and non-EVM)

Allow for the deployment of natively cross-chain protocols and smart contracts

Handle circuit failures such as network outages

Trustless Cross-Ecosystem Communication via the IBC

Composable builds upon the existing Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC). IBC previously allowed for trustless bridging between Cosmos SDK chains. Centauri is Composable's trustless bridging technology that connects major ecosystems via IBC.

The Holistic Solution

By combining XCVM and Centauri, Composable offers a trustless, non-custodial environment across multiple ecosystems. Resulting in a seamless user experience, irrespective of the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

Composable Tech Stack

The Composable tech stack unlocks a new era for modular functionality and absolute composability for DeFi users across all ecosystems.

Application Layer

This layer is our solution for orchestrating cross-ecosystem communication and consists of applications that are deployed on the Composable Cross-Chain Virtual Machine (XCVM).



A top-level presentation layer for deploying protocols that can communicate across multiple chains at once. It consists of SDKs to build XCVM programs in various smart contract languages. 

Rust SDK for CosmWasm

Solidity SDK for EVM compatible applications

Javascript SDK for direct front-end apps

Transport Layer   |   


The Open Transport Protocol (OTP) is our solution to provide more flexibility to developers by enabling them to choose their preferred bridging infrastructure to transport messages and assets across chains.


Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol (IBC), is a generalized interoperability protocol for communicating arbitrary data between arbitrary state machines.


XCMP is Polkadot's cross-chain message-passing protocol, which allows parachains on the same Relay Chain to exchange messages.

Other Bridging Solutions

OTP ensures that all bridges that are capable of sending messages or tokens across chains can be registered to our system.

Infrastructure Layer

The infrastructure layer consists of our Polkadot and Kusama parachains. These parachains along with our Pallets provide the infrastructure for developers and users to access the many advantages of the DotSama ecosystem.